The fool-proof way to get into Flickr Explore

Explore is a section on the Flickr site that displays the 500 most “interesting” images of any particular day. My understanding of it is that Flickr applies an algorithm that uses certain criteria (views, comments, favourites, etc.) to sort the thousands of images every day into a list they describe as “Interestingness”. The top 500 “interesting” images are displayed in the Explore section of the site.

Flickr users know that certain images rack up the views, favourites and comments. Pictures with copious amounts of “bokeh” and attractive females being the top 2 by far. So, here’s my formula for a sure-fire way to get your image onto Explore.

  1. Be a jaw-droppingly gorgeous female with loads of suggestive self-portraits of yourself.
  2. Take a picture of yourself in a field of daisies with a 50mm f/1.2 lens wide open.
  3. Make sure that the only in-focus area is the little bit of bra sticking out of your ridiculously low-cut top.
  4. Find some obscure line from a Byron poem and use that as the title.
  5. Explain your mundane existence and insecurities in the Description box. Don’t worry if there’s no link between these and your image.
  6. Soak in the glory of 1000’s of compliments and congratulations.