My favourites of 2016

vs Goliath. My favourite shot of 2016
vs Goliath. Fujifilm X100

“vs Goliath” above is my favourite shot of 2016. It was taken in March in Ballito, South Africa with a Fujifilm X100.

Check out the rest of the top 10 below. Click to enlarge.

Some interesting observations:

  • 4 of the shots are on film.
  • Only 3 of the shots are in colour.
  • 3 of the shots are taken with a D700 I only recently bought in November.
  • All of the shots have some sort of human element.
  • All the shots are unposed, candid images.
  • 3 of the shots are of strangers.
  • Half of the shots are of my wife or children.
  • All of the shots were taken in the afternoon with all but 2 after 16h00.
  • 6 shots were taken with a 50mm lens.
  • 7 of the shots were taken with an equivalent 50mm focal length.
  • Only 1 shot (my favourite) is shot with a lens wider than 50mm.