Extension Tubes a Hit (So Far)

Collecting NectarI was a bit unsure of spending R2700 on 3 adapters of dubious build quality to stick between my D80 and a lens to take macro images. It is, however, far cheaper than buying a dedicated macro lens and the quality of the image is just as good (provided the glass at the other end is decent, of course).

So, with credit card (already tender) in hand, I went to Camera Land in Sandton City to make my purchase. I’ve only had a chance to play with them for a few hours and have got some very satisfactory results so far. The build quality has already become an issue in that the body sometimes loses contact with the lens, and after some primal jiggling of the tubes did the contacts re-establish. Sharpness was an issue in the daisy image but I think that’s because the camera was hand-held and my 70-300 is a bit soft when opened wide.

I’ll continue playing this weekend and will try to find a solution to the contact problem. Hopefully the problem is the squishy bit behind the camera. I know how to work around that. RTFM…